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Limozip is one of the fastest and easiest systems to work with.

- H. B.

From a company's point of view, it's a money maker and time saver.

- J. M.

We owe your staff a tremendous debt of gratitude. Thanks again

- A. B.

LimoZip Blog

Aug 1 '18

LimoZip Clients sites Are now Secure!

We upgraded clients sites to start with https instead of http for free recently.

That little "s" is very important in the sense that it tells visitors that your site is secure. And avoids a giant "Insecure" warning label that Google Chrome began putting on non-https websites earlier in July.

Anyway, it will help keep up with the competition!

Aug 1 '12

LimoZip and WordPress can be combined to create great limo websites!

We now offer to place the LimoZip Reservation System within a WordPress website. This great new option allows limo companies to take advantage of our unique, highly popular limo booking tool, yet also take advantage of the WordPress system. WordPress allows your website to be very easily customized and updated by you, your limo company's staff, LimoZip's staff, or thousands of freelancers who specialize in WordPress.

Sep 7 '11

Sertifi - a way for limo companies to avoid unfair chargebacks

Limo companies using the LimoZip Reservation System are now able to avoid unfair chargebacks from customers demanding a refund they do not deserve. Sertifi legally binding digital signatures can be collected on certain high priced reservations. If a credit card charge is reversed, the PDF generated is supposed to be as legally powerful as a signed fax, and can be re-faxed to the credit card company to win the dispute. This way limo companies can keep money they have fairly earned and avoid an unfair expense.

Feb 3 '10 another way for Limo companies to get paid

Limo companies and drivers have always been able to collect payments from passengers using PayPal as integrated seamlessly with the LimoZip system. Passengers receive an email link showing their fees and charges and a way for them to pay. Drivers receive a text when the payment goes through and the payment is automatically logged in the accounting system. Now, that same functionality is possible by integrating the LimoZip system with, so companies can allow customers to pay thru PayPal,, or BOTH! DISCLOSURE: Limozip receives commissions from if you sign up through our Affiliate program.

Jun 1 '09

LimoZip websites on top of Google

Limo companies using LimoZip Limo Websites have gotten in the top 1 or 2 positions on Google's natural search results for some amazing transportation keywords. By focusing on simple, user-friendly sites we have done what others couldn't. Check out Google: "LAX car service" (our client is and Google: "JFK car service" (our client is, among many many other examples.

Dec 13 '08

Yahoo [/BING] advertising made easier

Limo companies using LimoZip Marketing have long enjoyed easy management of their Google pay per click ad campaigns. With recent access to the Yahoo [/BING] ads API, LimoZip now provides limo companies with easy access to manage their Yahoo [/BING] pay per click campaigns as well. Featuring carefully written ads and chosen keywords to maximize return on investment, and 24/7 access to and control over budget, amount spent, and funds remaining information.

July 1 '08

LimoZip drivers take in over $600,000 in first half of year

Despite the difficult economy, limo, taxi & van owners using LimoZip solutions grossed over six hundred thousand dollars between January 1 and June 30, 2008. Our Reservation System allowed such a large volume of passenger transactions to proceed smoothly and efficiently.

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