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Limozip is one of the fastest and easiest systems to work with.

- H. B.

From a company's point of view, it's a money maker and time saver.

- J. M.

We owe your staff a tremendous debt of gratitude. Thanks again

- A. B.

Internet Marketing for Limousine Companies

This solution is for transportation companies needing a larger number of serious clients to view their transportation-related website.

Pay-per-click Programs (Google and Bing/MSN/Yahoo):

  • Get more potential client/ passengers viewing your website within days
  • Get more people who need transportation service in YOUR area to ask for quotes and book rides
  • Top placement within Google, Yahoo, and MSN sponsored search results
  • We will setup a Google, Yahoo, or MSN Advertising account for you. In your account, we will use our optimized, transportation-industry specific tips, tricks + tools we have developed over several years.
  • This service has a very low, 5% Service Fee if you want us to help bring traffic to your LimoZip-provided Limo Website or other site using our Reservation System.
  • This service involves a 20% Service Fee if you want to bring traffic to other websites.
  • Recommended starting deposit of $50.00 - $500.00 with no obligation to continue. Try it with very low risk.
  • We know we will get you significantly better ROI (more passenger money earned per advertising dollar spent) than if you setup an Advertising account without us. That's why the Service Fee portions of your payments have a Money-Back Guarantee.

Limo SEO / Content Writing

Our content is written by a fluent US citizen with specific knowledge of both US cities and regions, and the limo and transportation industries. We do not employ overseas content writers or content writers inexperienced in the transportation field! Normal fee: $150/hr w/5 hour minimum. Subsidized fee: $50/hr w/2 hour minimum, *IF* the SEO / content writing is being applied to a website which includes our Reservation System.

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